Food Forest Ketelbroek (english)


13:30 - 14:30


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voedselbos Ketelbroek
Plakseweg 28, De Horst
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  • Wouter van Eck offers at 1.30 pm a guided tour at Food Forest Ketelbroek. This project started five years ago and aims to combine nature and food production, using knowledge based on permaculture and agroforestry.
  • Foodforest Ketelbroek is located at Plakseweg (opposite number 29), Groesbeek. Between village De Horst and nature reserve De Bruuk you will see a stork nest, we will gather at the entrance nearby. A bus runs in 30 minutes from Nijmegen station to the nearby village of De Horst.  At 12:46 you can take bus 5 direction Groesbeek – De Horst. Get out at the final stop (second one named ‘kerk’), from here you can take a walk of about 8 minutes on the Plakseweg to get to Ketelbroek.

Subsciption required; subscribe before the 10th of May.

A minimum of 5 visitors is required.



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