Reclaim the Seeds Nijmegen 2024

Reclaim the Seeds Nijmegen 2024


11:00 - 20:00


Ecodorp Zuiderveld
Alfred Hitchcockstraat 42, Nijmegen
Kaart wordt geladen...

🌿 Reclaim the Seeds Nijmegen is germinating! 🌿 On Saturday March 30, Ecodorp Zuiderveld (Alfred Hitchcockstraat 42, Nijmegen) welcomes Reclaim the Seeds for the third time. There will be another seed market, workshops, lectures, live music and art. Follow updates and information about our program via Instagram and Facebook .

Reclaim the Seeds is a movement for independent food chains and against patenting crops. With the aim of knowledge exchange and stimulating the exchange of rare varieties of fruit and vegetables, it contributes to more biodiversity in gardens and a more sustainable and robust food system. We are working towards climate-neutral and fossil-free agriculture, which is smaller-scale and provides more autonomy.

On the day itself you can go to all kinds of stalls to buy, exchange or receive seeds. Workshops and lectures will be given in the community center of Ecodorp Zuiderveld about alternative agricultural systems, green activism and also practical hands-on workshops, such as wild picking and seed harvesting. Also fun for children!

Various art installations can be admired throughout the garden and there is a varied music program during the day.

Reclaim the Seeds Nijmegen is possible thanks to the many volunteers and active participants. Would you like to help?
Send an email to 🌿